Re: More Mini Coils

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Sent: 	Sunday, June 22, 1997 11:38 PM
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Subject: 	Re: More Mini Coils

I think this begs an explanation, esp when it comes to the use of 
storage scopes:

> The single point to point spark can be a random maverick spark produced by
> more than one break/charge thus increasing the estimated wattage per ft of
> spark. This gives the capability of the coil on a one shot basis but cannot
> be used as a watts per ft of spark rating.  

Firstly, I want to see a proof that that statement is true.

> A scope would not give this breaks/charges per spark information.

Why??  Mine does.

> A counting
> device is required that would count breaks/charges for every spark produced.
> Also, the wattage per break varies due to the charge left on the capacitor
> from the previous break/charge. The continuous spark integrates these
> variables over time and eliminates the unknowns.

It doesn't matter does it? The gap generally fires at the same voltage
within a couple of hundred volts. You can't charge a cap beyond that, 
residual charge or no.