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> a comment - if you charge a capacitor to about 450 to 500 V and then discharge
> it into the ignition coil through an SCR you will get an excellent result.
> This is basically a capcitor discharge ignition.  Get an SCR rated at  1 or 2
> amps continuous (that will give you 40 to 100 amps pulse) and you are all set.
>  use a 555 oscilator to drive the gate at the desired freq, and use a short
> pulse (e.g. no square wave drive here).


well, I'm new to this stuff (basicaly) and I don't know what a SCR is,
what it does, etc.
regardinf the 555 oscilator, I bought a circuit that was a 555
timer/oscialtor, either/or. I assume
that will work?