Re: Power versus Spark Length

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<< But what would their system be like?  My guess is that it would be pitably
> rotten in its performance and the efficiency would be terrible and lead
> to the genral conclusion that the Tesla system is a real waste of time and
> ENERGY on both sides of the equation (human and system).
> The great thing about the equation is it probably sets an upper limit, at
> 100% efficiency, for real honest to God volts out!  What is even more
> interesting is what vast range of different visual manifestations of sparks
> might we expect with similarly equated systems with vastly different
> and modus operandi on behalf of builders!
> This is that illusive unquantifiable item that seems to attract the
> in this craft.
> The real difference is that at a given efficiency for two identically
> equated but differently constructed systems the energy in the system with
> smallish violet sparks is spread from low level waste heat to near x-rays,
> while the white hot performer will confine itself to a more narrow range of
> radiation mostly concentrated in the "pretty" part of the spectrum. (like
> your system)
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Richard, all,

It's a devilishly tough problem trying to analyze these coils.  I guess 
that's why we're still discussing it.  At least the power supply section
of the TC is pretty straight forward, so we can analyze from wallplug
to cap, even to primary, secondary is a little tougher.  As you said, 
more energy in the sparks may not always lead to greater spark 
lengths...that seems clear from some of my staccato tube coil and 
other work.  I guess we're still at power vs. spark length, or cap energy
vs. spark length.  As you said, it all depends on your analytical goals.

I really think that TC analysis hinges on a more complete understanding
of the ion and spark growing effects, and how this is affected by break
rates, toroid sizes, etc.  Richard, you have done pioneering work in this
area of course. Probably a lot can be done by measurement and 
comparisons of various coils to tease out the details...the laws 
of spark growth.

John Freau