Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

From: 	Alan Sharp[SMTP:100624.504-at-CompuServe.COM]
Sent: 	Tuesday, July 22, 1997 6:20 PM
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Subject: 	Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!


I've had a whole day off to mess
about on my coil!

I put a 2000v, 800w micro-wave transformer
in series with my 5500v transformer (On
the other side of earth.

The microwave transformer is current limited,
the 5500v isn't so I'm stillusing a 2.5kW 
convector heater in the mains wiring to limit 

I increased the capacitance from 0.02uf to
0.042uf using my 20 world war II mica caps
- 1100pf 28kV.

I put on a bigger toriod and raised a further 6"
above the coil and retuned.

All of this gave me 2 foot sparks (measured arcs
to grounded pole).

Unfortunately this is as big as I can handle in
the garage - its not very wide - there's deep
shelving on both sides and the toriods 2' wide.

I don't think I can make any more room in the
garage - unless I push the walls out, and the
coil is playing havoc with the TV (the garage is
built against the living room.

What I might do is take out the micro wave
transformer. Work on improvements at 5000v.
Then set up in the garden, or in the church
hall and try it out at 7500v. My caps are
rated at 28kV DC so 7500v AC is the max.

Why do I get the most impressive arcs when
its just switched on?

Have fun,

Alan Sharp (UK).