Re: In vs. Out

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<< I agree that most old hands can instantly gauge the performance of a coil
> but that is a subjective opinion and not an engineering approach. I think
> should forget about spark brightness, color, etc. because these are also
> subjective opinions or too difficult to measure. I would recommend that the
 >continuous method (controlled spark) be adopted because it makes more sense
> from an engineering standpoint. The details would have to be worked out
   John Couture

John, All,

I have a concern, that the controlled spark length will give a very
misleading impression of our TC capabilities.  Malcolm's work, if
I understand it correctly, suggests that two different coils which
happen to give the same controlled spark lengths, may give very
different free air spark length, or occasional to ground spark
lengths.  If this is true, does this seem OK to you?  Do you 
consider the maximum spark length capabilities of a coil to be
of purely artistic interest?  To me this goes way beyond artistic
effect.  If one TC is able to reach out and touch something, 
(occasionally), and another one is not...then there is some kind
of real, physical difference in these coils.  Just because this 
difference may be hard to measure doesn't mean IMO that it
should be ignored by anyone; artist, craftsman, or scientist.
Furthermore, I think that these "reaching out effects" have a
whole lot to do with ion cloud effects, break rates, etc.  This is
an area of coiling that has been incompletely analyzed.  Instead
of using a method that ignores these effects, (if this is the case)
I believe that we should be attempting to understand, and 
measure these effects.

Comments welcomed,

John Freau