Re: In vs. Out [small magnefier ]

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<<  I believe John Freau was able to get 36" with around 5KVA?
>  One of my next projects would be to do what you sugest, a free
> resonating Tube powered coil. Let me know how you progress. One
> question, though, how will the tight coupling between primary and
> secondary affect the feedback/grid coil? Any major modifications?
> David Trimmell


One project gave a 36" spark and used about 8700 watts.  A later 
project gave a 35" spark and used 5700 watts if I remember correctly.
It would have given 36" if it didn't experience catastrophic breakdown 
of the primary coil!  But neither of these were magnifiers; they were
just regular tube coils.

I don't really think the tight coupling hampers the grid feedback, (in the 
magnifier experiments) but then again, it may have had some effect I
wasn't aware of.

John Freau