Re: In vs. Out [small magnefier ]

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<< > Hi Rich:  
 > Was wondering if anyone in your group ever tried to drive a small
 > with a high power vacuum tube setup?  I have an 803 with matching 3,000
 > volt, 1.2 ampere power supply and matching filiment xmfr.  I thought in
 > might be fun trying to drive a small magnifier/resonator setup.  I have in
 > mind an 12 dia. sec coil closewound with #6 AWG and a 20 in. dia. primary
 > of 30-60 turns with tuning taps.  This sec. coil to be about 24 inches
 > long.  Resonator coil would be a 24 inch long winding of #14 AWG 3 kv PVC
 > insulated wire -- closewound.  Perhaps a 24 x 5 toroid on top of resonator
 > and a small toroid of 1 inch dia. copper tubing atop the driver sec. coil.

 > I'm not looking for spark-excited performance but thought a nice 36-48
 > discharge would be a good starting point.
 > Comments or suggestions from you or John Freau most welcome.
 > DC at DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net


I almost forgot to mention my early tube magnifier work that I did 
four years ago.  This was a larger system which gave 26" + sparks, 
and drew 7200 + VA.  I called the coil a "Tube-Mag".     

More primary turns may have helped its efficiency?


Pri.    14 turns of 8281 coax cable
sec.    #14 magnet wire on a poly form 17" dia x 16" high
k  =  .5
Resonator,   #20 magnet wire on a 10 1/2" dia x 16" high form
Toroid,  4" x 17" aluminum ducting with sharp point for spark emissions
Tubes,   Four  833A  transmitting tubes
Powered by a 5kVA, 7200 volt pole transformer

John Freau