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> All,
> Due to the product liability issues raised on this forum, Condenser Products is no longer making Tesla Coil capacitors.
> I'm dumbfounded as to what to say next..... I'll just conclude by saying that CP's products perform wonderfully for me as their decades of capacitor making experience would suggest. Every person in that firm is dedicated to making the finest product possible. CP even worked with list members to redesign their Tesla product line after the "group purchase failures". The company president, Bill Mason, cared enough about my business to personally call me and talk over specifications. To my knowledge
> I just hope the next company that develops a product line specifically for our Tesla needs isn't pushed out of business by the litigious among us.
> Jeff W. Parisse
> Art Director, Digital Design Laboratories
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Jeff and all,

Aren't lawsuits and threats of lawsuits wonderful things? This is a
perfect example of how one person or just a few people can make it
dificult for everyone else! I have dealt with Condenser Products since
1991 and have had excellent results using their products and would like
to think I had some small part in their introduction of a capacitor line
specifically for Tesla coil use. With so few companies building high
energy discharge caps, I certainly hope that something like this does
not happen again!
 What will happen when a careless experimenter electrocutes himself or a
family member with a pole transformer and the company who sold it to him
is sued or threatened with a lawsuit? Couldn't happen, you say?

Safe coiling,

Ed Wingate