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We stock 1/2 dia. screw in tungsten/molydenum alloy electrodes.  Units
fitted with a flat copper back plate threaded 3/8-16 NC.  They work well
with both small and large coils.  We drill and tap standard 1/2 dia. brass
rod stock to act as the holder.  Also use them on RSG's with the brass
pressed in axially to the G-10 phenolic rotor material.  We also stock 1
inch dia. pieces that work well for the fixed electrodes in RSG's operating
at 5-20 kva or higher.  Contact us directly at tel. 608-356-3647 if you
have serious interest in these materials.


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> Help...
> No one in the state of Oklahoma stocks tungsten rods over 1/8" dia.  They
> just drop their jaws when I ask for 1/4" tungsten or larger.  I tell them
> not welding a battleship, I just need several sticks of the stuff.  They
> could special order me some, but I would have to buy a whole box, and
> now the bucks are not in my wallet.
> If anyone has some spare (spare?) 1/4" to 3/8" dia. sticks I would be
> than happy to pay for a couple.   My new rotary is in desperate need for
> tungsten transplant.
> Thank you,  Kevin E.