Re: How should we measure coil efficiency

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Subject: 	Re: How should we measure coil efficiency

John Freau wrote:

> I agree that a standard method for measuring coil efficiency is needed.
> I've said all along that the method I'm advocating ignores "true" (energy
> in vs. energy out) efficiency, and that it is more of a practical method
> for measurement.  I've also suggested that sometimes a practical method
> has more value than a "scientific" method...it all depends on what we are
> trying to accomplish.
> Maybe some more of the list members will join the discussion.

GOODNESS = (spark length to grounded terminal)  vs. (Energy in Cpri) X BPS

This seems to be the most interesting TC figure of merit, since it measures
how effective the coil is at building arc bridges with the energy that is
delivered to its primary.  Long arcs seem to be the primary objective when
building TC's, so the art is obviously in making the longest arc with a
given amount of primary energy delivery.

The above figure of merit is also easy to measure -- all that is required
is a tape measure and a voltmeter.