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I would highly recommend John Couture's book on Tesla coil construction. 
It is very straight forward, rather inexpensive, and has a lot of relavent
charts and information to guide you.  John is a regular reader on this
Tesla List and could respond directly to you.

A variac is essentially an adjustable transformer (auto-transformer) that
is commonly used by Tesla coil builders in front of the neon sign
transformer to bring up the voltage slowly.  The variac is also a good tool
to use until you get the primary tuning clip in the proper position for
best resonance -- it helps save your transformer and caps from excessive
resonant rise until the energy is being coupled into the secondary coil
where it is desireable.

Hope this helps out.


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> I haven't built a Telsa Coil yet, but it is a project I would like to
> take a shot at.  But, I have heard talk about tuning and 1/2, 1/4
> wavelength, and it kind of discourages me.  Is there something good for
> me to read that isn't tremendously difficult to understand to help me
> grasp the basic principals of tuning a coil.  Mostly, I don't want to
> get myself into something to find out that it was done completely wrong.
> Also, what is a variac?
> thanks