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I have not been posting very much lately because I've been busy
tinkering! Let me tell you what I've done so far. I rewound the primary
with 3/8" tubing instead of 1/4".
I now have .011uf in the tank instead of .006uf. This cap is really the
old caps which I removed from their rubbermaid containers, and put them
in a custom made acrylic container I made with my own two hands. I also
added a few more plates to bring up the capacitance to .011uf. The new
dielectric is made of polystyrene 30mils thick. I put three sheets
between each plate. I now am able to use an 18" diameter toroid made
from 4" aluminum drier venting. I have yet to run it at full power. So
far I have only turned the variac up to 50%. I'm going to break this
sucker in real slow! 

                               Frankensteins Helper