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>greetings all, 
>Nice to see the list up and working again...The shakes are
>starting to go away now.
>I have a quick question. Can anyone recommend a very good and
>relatively inexpensive coating, like a two part epoxy paint or
>something that would be able to seal up the inside of a plywood
>box used to a capacitor case? I would like to avoid building a
>plastic box if I can. 
>I would like to use several coats of polyurethane, then coat the
>inside with something to hold in the oil. 
>Anyone have any experience along these lines?
>Michael Smith
>I have built flat plate cap's using plywoood and evercoat fiber glass resin
 and thin layers of glass cloth .Work the same as you were repairing a corvette
 body panel. It will seal the sides of the box and make it leak proof.I have
built cap's up to .o4 MFD 20.5kvac and all worked fine.