FW: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

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Subject: 	Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

The best thing to do is get a position at a company that has the resources to
buy high quality equipment and has been forced to subscribe to QS9000/ISO9001.
This means the equipment will be discarded when obsolete (and sometimes sold
to employees) and the ones they keep will have regular re-calibrations.

It helps if you can convince the boss that it is value-added for the company
to let you take some of the equipment home to 'learn how to use it more
efficiently (on your own time instead of company time)'. Be prepared to fix or
pay for anything you break, however.  Be smart and never borrow any
production-critical equipment, and always bring it back in better condition
that when it left.

Estate sales, garage sales, and salvage places sometimes get good equipment
and usually under-value it because nobody knows what it is or how it works.

Happy scrounging,

Scott C.