Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

From: 	Bert Pool[SMTP:bertpool-at-flash-dot-net]
Sent: 	Saturday, December 27, 1997 5:18 AM
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Subject: 	Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

>From: Adam[SMTP:absmith-at-tiac-dot-net]
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>Subject: L & C measurements cheaply, how?
>I am curious how most of you are measuring L & C's for homemade tesla
>components.  I am looking for an inexpensive way.  At school I had
>scopes, function generators, FFT analyzers, the works, ... but now that
>have graduated and gone home, and it is painfully obvious that I lack
>even the basic tools.  I don't even have a digital voltmeter.  I went
>looking through the catalogs I have here, and found only one
>DMM that has inductance measurements:  the wavetek 27XT.  This unit
>to be able to handle the ranges necessary for Tesla coil parts, is
>anybody using this for measuring homemade components?
>I have tried using my cheap rat-shack analog voltmeter and 120VAC 60Hz
>measure my cap & choke values, but the voltmeter impedance is way too
>low, and it's highly parasitic.  Plus, it doesn't even zero properly.
>Someday, I'll save up for a scope & func. generator, but now I just
>something cheap and convenient.
>Adam Smith

Adam, check out Alfa Electronics - they carry an excellent set of very
inexpensive meters.  Their DMM-20  measures AC, DC voltage to 750 volts,
resistance to 2 gigohms, current to 20- amps, CAPACITANCE and
INDUCTANCE, frequency  from 1 hZ to 15 mhZ, has a built-in transistor
and diode test, continuity beeper, and overvoltage protection on the AC
and DC ranges.  Sells for only $74.95!  Order number is 1-800-526-2532.
I have bought two of these for friends, and I bought an LCR meter from
them for the same price.  Delivery was fast, and everything has worked.

Bert Pool