Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

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Subject: 	Re: L & C measurements cheaply, how?

to: Adam

A very high quality LCR meter is available from MCM Electronics,
Centerville, OH, for a reasonable cost of $160.00.  We use this meter a lot
around the lab for quick checks of L and C values and its reasonably
accurate for most TC measurements.  


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> Subject: L & C measurements cheaply, how?
> Date: Saturday, December 27, 1997 12:57 AM
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> Subject: 	L & C measurements cheaply, how?
> I am curious how most of you are measuring L & C's for homemade tesla 
> components.  I am looking for an inexpensive way.  At school I had DMMs, 
> scopes, function generators, FFT analyzers, the works, ... but now that I

> have graduated and gone home, and it is painfully obvious that I lack 
> even the basic tools.  I don't even have a digital voltmeter.  I went 
> looking through the catalogs I have here, and found only one inexpensive 
> DMM that has inductance measurements:  the wavetek 27XT.  This unit seems

> to be able to handle the ranges necessary for Tesla coil parts, is 
> anybody using this for measuring homemade components?  
> I have tried using my cheap rat-shack analog voltmeter and 120VAC 60Hz to

> measure my cap & choke values, but the voltmeter impedance is way too 
> low, and it's highly parasitic.  Plus, it doesn't even zero properly.  
> Someday, I'll save up for a scope & func. generator, but now I just need 
> something cheap and convenient.
> Thanks,
> -Adam
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