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>Good points (ouch!--bleed!)  I should have mentioned that in my
>original List post.  I've never cut myself "to the bone" with this tape,
>but I certainly have spilt more then a few drops of blood....until I
>finally developed a "healthy respect" for this tape.

Gloves.  You can buy light duty work gloves at any hardware place that 
will not impair your accuracy and motor skill, but will protect you from 
unintentional self-inflicted invasive procedures.  I like to use gloves 
when working with Aluminum flashing, which is also quite sharp at the 


The original topic:

>The last batch I had purchased was in 1986.  It came from the
>Selectrical Specialty Company, 7244 Condor Street, Los Angeles,
>CA 90040.  This tape is made under the 3-M "Scotch" brand and
>has a part number #1181 electrical tape-copper LN3 foil with
>                                       acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. 
> Roll size
>                                       1" x 18 yds.  Unit price was $24.58.
>                                        2" x 18 yds. Unit price was $49.16.
>I don't know if this company is still in existence today, but the 3-M
>numbers should still be good.  As Ed Phillips noted below, BE
>CAREFUL when using this tape!

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