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Good points (ouch!--bleed!)  I should have mentioned that in my
original List post.  I've never cut myself "to the bone" with this tape,
but I certainly have spilt more then a few drops of blood....until I
finally developed a "healthy respect" for this tape.

The last batch I had purchased was in 1986.  It came from the
Selectrical Specialty Company, 7244 Condor Street, Los Angeles,
CA 90040.  This tape is made under the 3-M "Scotch" brand and
has a part number #1181 electrical tape-copper LN3 foil with
                                       acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. 
 Roll size
                                       1" x 18 yds.  Unit price was $24.58.
                                        2" x 18 yds. Unit price was $49.16.

I don't know if this company is still in existence today, but the 3-M
numbers should still be good.  As Ed Phillips noted below, BE
CAREFUL when using this tape!

Bill Wysock
Tesla Technology Research
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"You might try the conductive adhesive-backed copper tape
manufactured by 3-M Company.  We use this material in R.F.
shielding applications.  This tape conducts right through the
adhesive and forms very easily.  It comes in standard length
rolls in 1 inch and 2 inch widths.  Its thickness is 0.003" including
the thickness of the adhesive.  If you were to place a strip on
each side of a AL foil end, then you would have a tab that is
0.006" thick, with each copper strip attaching to both sides
of a given foil section.  This material cuts with a sharp pair
of scissors very easily."

        It's great stuff, and use it a lot here.  You should
have mentioned that, in addition to cutting with a sharp pair
of scissors, the edges can also cut fingers to the bone without
much effort on the part of the unfortunate user!!!!  Anyone know
how much this stuff costs?????