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On Friday, December 12, 1997 10:25 PM Zuma
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> I was wondering if anyone knew the size to make an air core choke
> for a neon tranny. I am running a .01uf cap with a 15000-at-60ma
> tranny. Also on safety gaps, do the gaps need to fire to ground.
> I made the mistake on two past 15000-at-30ma neons and fried them both.
> I plan on doing as much as possibly to protect this transformer, even
> though it was free. But that is not the point, they are fairly hard to
> come by in good working condition for no cost. Any info on the chokes
> and safety gaps would be very helpful. Thanks...
Hi Chris, the typical air core inductor most people use on neon sign 
transformers is far too small to stop the R.F. energy from getting back to 
the transformer. I typically used a couple of pounds of #28 wire wound as a 
6" diameter, 1/4" thick pancake between two plexiglass disks, with the 
outer terminal going to the supply and inner terminal going to the tesla 
coil.  I would also put a .001 ufd. capacitor directly across the 
transformer output.  Adding this circuit allowed me to completely remove 
the Variac I had been using to control the output, and run the coil wide 
open at full line voltage (120 volt) with no firing of the safety gap!
And yes Chris the safty gaps must go to ground to disapate the R.F.


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