Re: Air core chokes

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to: Chris

Safety gap from each bushing to ground -- piece of stiff coat hanger wire
works fine -- set gap around 1/2 inch -- if it fires over on 60 Hertz only
then increase distance slightly until it stops.  RF choke is 50-60 turns on
1 1/2 in ID PVC tubing -- one in series with each bushing to main sparkgap.
 Run main gap in parallel with xmfr output -- never in series.  Additional
protection offered by 250 Ohm, 50 watt resistor in series with each bushing
between bushing and air core RF choke.  


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> Subject: 	Air core chokes
> I was wondering if anyone knew the size to make an air core choke
> for a neon tranny. I am running a .01uf cap with a 15000-at-60ma
> tranny. Also on safety gaps, do the gaps need to fire to ground.
> I made the mistake on two past 15000-at-30ma neons and fried them both.
> I plan on doing as much as possibly to protect this transformer, even
> though it was free. But that is not the point, they are fairly hard to
> come by in good working condition for no cost. Any info on the chokes
> and safety gaps would be very helpful. Thanks...
> Chris