Another formula to throw on the fire

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Subject: 	Another formula to throw on the fire

I computed a simple integration for finding out how much tubing or wire 
is need for a primary coil that may be of use to those building coils.  
The formula is as follows:

For a flat (or slightly banked) spiral primary coil of:

     Inside (starting) radius Ri
     Outside (final) radius of Ro (Both Radii measured from the center of 
the tubing) 
     N number of turns

The total length of wire/tubing (L) required is:  pi * N * (Ro + Ri) 
Pretty simple end result, eh?  Independent of units chosen too, as long 
as you are consistant of course!

For completeness, here is my entire calculation:

The integrand was radius as a function of Theta:

R = (W/2pi) * (Ro - Ri)/N + Ri    where W is Theta in Radians

Integrating the radius this over all 2*pi*N turns (henceforth 2piN) we 
get L:

      _ (2piN)
L = / [(W/2pi)(Ro - Ri)/N + Ri] dW 

L = [(Ro - Ri)/2piN] * [(2piN)^2/2] + 2piN*Ri

L = piN(Ro-Ri) + 2piN*Ri 

L = piN(Ro-Ri)    [Q.E.D.]


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