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Hello TC-Friends,

I'm a bloody newcomer but I think it's possible to build a High Voltage Source
with an output 
of max 25kV and a resistance of <600Ohm min with semiconductors, h-bridge and
a selfcoiled ferritcore.
This means a durable power output of 10kW by a frequency of 10kHz (internal
losses <200 W).
It will need 380V three phase-current and will cost ~150-200 US$ and means a
long time of handwork.

It's still a long way for me to construct this part finaly it isn't safe that
it will work well.

Therefore I want to now:

   Is such a part fit for a Tesla Coil?
..or is it better (cheaper) to take some neons?

I know, I can't reach good results without a good power supply.
Therefore, I want to know the best values of voltage, power and frequency
(DC,AC or RF).
Sorry for my terrible english. If You want to answer me, please do this on
easy english or, much better, on german.

Otto-F. from Germany