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Otto wrote:

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>I'm a bloody newcomer but I think it's possible to build a High Voltage
>with an output 
>of max 25kV and a resistance of <600Ohm min with semiconductors, h-bridge
>a selfcoiled ferritcore.
>This means a durable power output of 10kW by a frequency of 10kHz
>losses <200 W).<

25kV is high for driving a coil: 8kV - 15kV is more usual. 

10kW is high for a neon - these are usually 1KW - fine for a first coil.

for 10kW use a pole pig - as used on power lines.

Building a solid state supply is hard work - at 25kV you will have big
with your ferrite core transformer - insulation is hard - inter winding
is nasty. I doubt if it would be 98% efficient (10kW power 200W loss).

Once you build it, it may not survive very long driving a Tesla coil.

If you have the expertise to build such a solid state power supply,
why not use it at a higher - variable frequency to drive a magnifier coil.

ground---- 3kV high frequency supply----Magnifier coil------Toriod

Don't worry about your English - its better than our German!

Alan Sharp (UK)