RE: 24topview.jpg picture [cage occupants]

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David Huffman wrote:

> >You bet!  I plan to take some streamer base current measurements from
> >inside the sphere, as well as the current between the coil and top 
> >electrode.
> >An acquaintence and his girlfriend wish to be the first members of the
> >"Two Million Volt Club"-- however in endeavors such as this, one needs
> >to ask the question: "how would I explain this to the Safety Review Board
> >if something were to go wrong?"
> >-GL
> >
> Neat! It should provide a rare view.
> Just one other thing. How do you get into the electrode? Is there a hole or
> hatch on top. That couple would have privacy as long as the coil runs. I
> guess it would be safe as long as nothing protrudes from between the piping
> like fingers etc.

Yikes!!  Indeed, the hostile high voltage world outside the protection
the sphere could really bring one down.  It's ironic that the interior
the electrode probably has the lowest electric field within the vicinity
the coil during operation.
One can enter the top electrode by climbing a ladder in the vertical
which runs through the center of the secondary tower.  At the top of the
manway is a steel cover, that slides out of the way.  There is no other
in or out, unless you're a small bird.  A safety pull rope runs up
the manway and into the top electrode, so that any personnel caught in
areas can crash the HV, when the stay-clear klaxons announce that the 
machine is about to be energized.