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Neat! It should provide a rare view.
Just one other thing. How do you get into the electrode? Is there a hole or
hatch on top. That couple would have privacy as long as the coil runs. I
guess it would be safe as long as nothing protrudes from between the piping
like fingers etc.
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>David Huffman wrote:
>> Very interesting pictures from the top electrode. Is someone going to get
>> sit in there during operation?
>You bet!  I plan to take some streamer base current measurements from
>the sphere, as well as the current between the coil and top electrode.
>An acquaintence and his girlfriend wish to be the first members of the
>"Two Million Volt Club"-- however in endeavors such as this, one needs
>ask the question: "how would I explain this to the Safety Review Board
>something were to go wrong?"