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>>You bet!  I plan to take some streamer base current measurements from
>>the sphere, as well as the current between the coil and top electrode.
>>An acquaintence and his girlfriend wish to be the first members of the 
>>"Two Million Volt Club"-- however in endeavors such as this, one needs
>>ask the question: "how would I explain this to the Safety Review Board
>>something were to go wrong?"
>Gee, I've heard of the Transportation Safety Review Board.  Is there a
>Tesla Safety Review board? ;^))
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  Russ -

  There is the Life Safety Code, National Electrical Code, Building Code,
Plumbing Code, and dozens of other codes that relate to all types of
construction in the USA. These codes are enforced by Building Inspectors,
Electrical Inspectors, Fire Marshals, OSHA, and many other people interested
in what you do when you only want to earn a living or pursue a hobby. If you
become a professional Architect, Engineer, etc. your are expected to know
all of these codes because you will be liable if something goes wrong. You
will also meet a lot of people you never knew existed.

  Tesla Coils are not exempted. 

  John Couture