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to: Scott

You apparently misunderstood my intentions.  My intention on this website
is to inform or share my views.  We have NEVER sued anyone.  We do pay for
insurance and legal counsel just like anyone else.  I agree with you --
there are a lot of publications and website marketing dangerous equipment. 
These people are exposing themselves to great legal danger -- it may never
happen, but if, and when, I don't want to see anyone on this list go
through the grief.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure -- and
that was my intent.  Having never seen our company and never met me you
went off like a cocked gun and made all kinds of silly assumptions that are
not true.

Our purpose on this list to to advise and assist were we can -- so quit
whining or leave the list. Your post is so ignorant it almost doesn't
deserve a response.


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> ...(fear-mongering deleted)
> >Not trying to be extremely negative here,
> ...
> You are too. If a customer of yours saw that database, you might loose
> eh? Your afraid someone will get smart, and build a better coil, and
> go out of business. Build a better coil, or market what you've got
> and quit stifiling innovators.
> People like you make me angry. If people like you wouldn't spend money on
> harassment lawsuits against your competition, legal and insurance costs
> wouldn't be so high, and the customer would have a better, cheaper
> We little coil winders aint MikyD's. Jury's still posses common sense, in
> spite of lawyer's efforts. Just look at all the anarchy web sites and
> company's, not to mention tool stores. There all still selling dangerous