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>to: Barry
>The publishers of Radio Electronics, et all, DO get sued.  They can afford
>the lawyers to defend their position -- the average experimenter can't.  I
>don't want to alarm everyone but simply to say be careful of what you do. 
>Things are a lot different now that they were back in the 60's -- now the
>lawyers for the big insurance companies payout to the "fryee's" parents and
>go after you -- the little guy because they know you can't afford to spend
>$10,000 on a legal defense to essentially prove your innocence.  

An easy way to aviod such problems is to publish information in another
country (I live in Norway, here its impossible to get sued for such things
as publishing scientific (even if dangerous) information unless one are
telling somebody to commit a crime using the device).  
Atle Jorstad