RE: *Tesla list survey form is ready* - free speech issues

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I believe that if you were to check the relevant supreme court decisions -
it's been too long since I studied them, you would find that this is a free
speech issue - of course, anyone can sue for anything - I could sue you for
being named Adam - but collecting is another issue.  There are some legal
forums on the net which might offer more definitive advice, but in general,
I believe that this is protected speech, and so long as it is not
intentionaly misleading or intending to harm, there is nothing to worry
about.  Look at the Anarchist's cookbook as an example - or even scientific
american, or how about a cooking magazine - what If I burn myself on the
stove, can I sue Gourmet??? of course I can, but will I collect??

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>>Example, a young coil builder uses your
>>information from the database to construct a coil and somehow gets ahold
>>a pole transformer to power the unit.  He gets fried.  His parents get
>>by their insurance company for the "loss".  Now, guess who the insurance
>>company sues for a cool million $$$ or more?
>>I think you ideas represent great goodwill and will help many young coil
>>builders but would strongly advise against distributing or compiling any
>>data that uses more than a 60 ma. source of power.  It could come back to
>>haunt you.
>Good point.  I will consider requiring a simple password/login for the
>data on the same page as a thorough disclaimer and an "I understand"
>button, just to be on the smart and safe side.   From the way you have
>described the risks, it seems that they could affect not just my survey
>results, but to anyone posting tesla specs and discussions to a forum
>such as this list, or to the people running the list, or the neon
>transformer company, or the sign shop...
>I personally hate the current trend of people suing other
>people/companies for their own stupid mistakes.  That lady with the
>McDonalds coffee comes to mind... it shouldn't pay to be a pathetic
>whining idiot.
>And, of course, anybody hoping to sue me for a million bucks would be
>sadly dissapointed when I turn out my surplus army pants pockets (all six
>of them) :-)
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