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>From: 	Bill Noble[SMTP:william_b_noble-at-email.msn-dot-com]
>I believe that if you were to check the relevant supreme court decisions -
>it's been too long since I studied them, you would find that this is a free
>speech issue - of course, anyone can sue for anything - I could sue you for
>being named Adam - but collecting is another issue.  
>Look at the Anarchist's cookbook as an example - or even scientific
>american, or how about a cooking magazine - what If I burn myself on the
>stove, can I sue Gourmet??? of course I can, but will I collect??

I agree that it's not likely that anyone could sue me successfully and 
collect, but the money we are talking about is the out-of-pocket legal 
expenses that would be required just to defend my innocence.  That could 
easily be in the thousands of dollars range.  Magazine companies can 
absorb these costs without flinching, I can't.


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