Re: *Tesla list survey form is ready* - free speech issues

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to: Bill Noble

Good points Bill.  My only concern is that some "fryee's" lawyer will sue
someone and then if you don't show up for court -- you loose by default. 
If you do show up without a lawyer you're probably going to loose anyway,
and if you hire a lawyer you end up spending money to defend your innocent
position.  It's not right but as they say -- life goes on.  My intent is
posting this concern certainly wasn't to stir up a bees nest but to advise
the database presenter would be wise to at least seek minimum counsel
before proceeding.  As someone posted "they probably don't give a rat's
a--" but that's only true until someone gets seriously injured or fried.  I
have read several posts on the Tesla List of someone getting shock with a
charged cap or hit with a neon xmfr -- and fortunately survived.  One
accidental zap with a pole pig -- just one -- and survival rate is about 0%
or less.  If it ever does happen you can bet the insurance people will be
digging deep and filing charges against anyone and everyone they can --
those that can least afford to defend themselves will probably be the big
loosers -- both time (spent out of work and in court) and money wise.


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> I believe that if you were to check the relevant supreme court decisions
> it's been too long since I studied them, you would find that this is a
> speech issue - of course, anyone can sue for anything - I could sue you
> being named Adam - but collecting is another issue.  There are some legal
> forums on the net which might offer more definitive advice, but in
> I believe that this is protected speech, and so long as it is not
> intentionaly misleading or intending to harm, there is nothing to worry
> about.  Look at the Anarchist's cookbook as an example - or even
> american, or how about a cooking magazine - what If I burn myself on the
> stove, can I sue Gourmet??? of course I can, but will I collect??
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> >
> >>Example, a young coil builder uses your
> >>information from the database to construct a coil and somehow gets
> of
> >>a pole transformer to power the unit.  He gets fried.  His parents get
> paid
> >>by their insurance company for the "loss".  Now, guess who the
> >>company sues for a cool million $$$ or more?
> >....
> >>I think you ideas represent great goodwill and will help many young
> >>builders but would strongly advise against distributing or compiling
> >>data that uses more than a 60 ma. source of power.  It could come back
> >>haunt you.
> >
> >Good point.  I will consider requiring a simple password/login for the
> >data on the same page as a thorough disclaimer and an "I understand"
> >button, just to be on the smart and safe side.   From the way you have
> >described the risks, it seems that they could affect not just my survey
> >results, but to anyone posting tesla specs and discussions to a forum
> >such as this list, or to the people running the list, or the neon
> >transformer company, or the sign shop...
> >
> >I personally hate the current trend of people suing other
> >people/companies for their own stupid mistakes.  That lady with the
> >McDonalds coffee comes to mind... it shouldn't pay to be a pathetic
> >whining idiot.
> >
> >And, of course, anybody hoping to sue me for a million bucks would be
> >sadly dissapointed when I turn out my surplus army pants pockets (all
> >of them) :-)
> >
> >-Adam
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