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>Don't misunderstand -- I do applaud your efforts but you would be wise to
>consider the strange situations you might encounter if you attempt to
>promote the data in any way -- this makes you legally responsible for any
>problems as you are the person who brought the data into the public format.
> It makes no difference if you are a company or an individual -- the law
>allows insurance companies to sue even across international boundaries. 
>It's probably not fair but it's how the system works and unfortunately many
>individuals have learned this lesson the very hard way.
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  I agree with the above. It should be noted that there is misinformation on
the Tesla List that could give a lawyer a lot of ammunition in a court of law.

  The best way to make a Tesla List Survey would be to keep it simple and
use only information that has been throughly monitored for misinformation by
the person making up the survey.  In this way the survey author will be in
agreement with information for which he may be held responsible. He cannot
claim that he is not responsible because it is the work of someone else.
This is the same situation that exists for the author of any technical book
or publication. This is not the same situation that exists for some one that
merely passes on a message from a writer as with the Tesla List. 

  John Couture