Re: power and frequency

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Sent: 	Sunday, August 10, 1997 7:37 PM
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Subject: 	Re: power and frequency

Jim M wrote:

> This also relates to another discussion about ionic storage persistance
> and streamer production.  Someone stated that steamers were less at
> a high frequency for a given power that at a lower one. I submit that this
> may be due to short ring times, thus the ions are not "pumped" as much,
> although the instantaneous voltage may be as good as any other freq.
> Unfortunately, there is so much dead time between shots, the ions lose
> their energy,  providing no culmulative effect.

Actually, the ions can have lifetimes upwards of 10mS, dependent on the 
condition of the surrounding air.  The Tesla Coil happily takes full advantage
of this, as can be seen by watching videos of the streamer propagation 
in slow motion.  Some good empirical data on ion lifetimes in standard air
can be found on pp359-360 of 'Gaseous Conductors' by Cobine.