physics mumble

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Any suggestions on what should I say to this guy?

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> Greg Leyh wrote:
> >The issue of the ether, at least, had been put to rest long ago by the
> >famous Michelson-Morley experiment, first performed in 1887 and in
> >every 2nd year college physics lab since then.  Therefore, theories of
> >electrical propagation based on the existence of an ether have nothing
> >in the way of scientific basis, and rest on rather shaky ground at
> >best.
> The issue of the existance of ether has never been put to rest by the
> Michelson Morley Experiment.  The experiment, at best, gives null
> results.  The experiment is fundamentally flawed from the beginning
> because its design is incapable of detecting the ether.  An example is
> trying to detect a three demensional object with a detector that is
> only capable of two demensional detection.  Those who base their
> rejection of ether solely on the basis of the Michaelson Morley
> experiment are on shakey ground because the experiment is incapable of
> ether detection or rejection, a priori.
> Neither Michelson or Morley ever claimed that the existence of the
> ether was disproved by their experiments.  Even Eienstein through out
> his life never claimed the ether did not exist.  In fact, he supported
> the concept of ether to his death.
> Dirac and other Nobel laureats based their theories on an ether.
> Quantum Mechanics is experimentally supported by an ether as well as
> Quantum Electrodynamics pioneered by Richard Feinman, another Nobel
> laureat.  So, there is indeed scientific basis of ether.  And, it's not
> based on every 2nd year college physics lab.  Nor, will orothodox
> physics admit it -- at least publically.
> Even if one is not entirely sure about the existence of ether, he or
> she should keep an open mind.  Tesla was a master theoretician as well
> as practitioner.  In fact, lest we forget, he invented this field that
> fascinates us.  He was very sure and insistant about this issue and I
> feel that the existance of ether should not be rejected out of hand on
> the basis of a flawed experiment, but rather explored deeply and
> experimentally.
> This list would be shocked that some of the most expert and
> knowledgible coilers on the list believe in the existance of an
> "etheric medium".
> Keeping an open mind,