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>GL wrote: 
>>The issue of the ether, at least, had been put to rest long ago by the
>>famous Michelson-Morley experiment, first performed in 1887 and in 
>>every 2nd year college physics lab since then.
>The issue of the existance of ether has never been put to rest by the 
>Michelson Morley Experiment.  The experiment, at best, gives null 
>Even if one is not entirely sure about the existence of ether, he or 
>she should keep an open mind.

As far as I remember,the problem of the ether was dealt with by
 Einstein in his earlier work along the lines that,
 if it is unobservable, it wasn't a part of physical theory.

He hypothesised that the velocity of light in empty space was
always the same relative to any mobile co-ordinate system.
This implied the Lorentz transformation, and explained the Michelson-Morley

RW is right, keep an open mind.

Think of two problems:

Two bodies a light-year apart inside an empty sphere a thousand
light-years' diameter.  These wil be immediately attracted to each
other directly proportionally to the product of their masses and
inversely according to the square of the distance between them - immediately!

In a vacuum, particles come into existence and disappear. Whence? Whither?

However (having managed to squeeze in my two-penn'orth),  you're right, the
topic doesn't belong 

Joe Cummings.