Re: primary coil windings

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Almost any geometry will work but the trick is to set the coefficient of
coupling between the pri and sec inductors at a value of between 0.18 and
0.22.  Try 0.2 as a starting point.  This is achieved by raising your sec
coil with some scrap plywood about 1/4 inch at a time until you obtain best
spark output.

Many coils in the 8" dia and above seem to operate best with a flat spiral
primary.  Smaller coils in the 2-7 inch dia range seem to perform well with
a short solenoid type winding.  Keep the primary coilform dia at least 2.5
to 2.8 times the sec. dia to avoid overcoupling.  

Tune for best spark output and enjoy!


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> I don't think I understand what the differences of primary coil windings
> are besides their shape.  How does each one effect performance? Which is
> best?  I haven't made my coil yet, I'm still planning everything out. 
> Any info would be great.
> kevin