Paralleledneon inductance.

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Subject: 	Paralleledneon inductance.

Re; Bert;

secondaries. Using the resonant approach, I can run off a pair of
15-60's with 18 gaps (0.5" total) and still hit 300 - 400 BPS. Without
the addtional charging current, this would not be possible. However...
I've also reconciled myself that (per Richard Hull) eventually my neons
are doomed!

Safe coilin' to you!

-- Bert H --

Bert; The portion of your note I've quoted above poses another question;
I run two 15/60's, (and sometimes three or four.) How do I compute the
C/L resonance equation when I have several secondaries paralleled together?

And while I'm at it, mighten I want to avoid, at least to some degree, too
much resonance between my neons and Cpri for the purpose of extending their
lives? I realize that in doing so I may compromise output but then, so does
a burned-out neon.

Daniel Hess