sync motors for sale

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Sent: 	Saturday, August 09, 1997 1:28 PM
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Subject: 	sync motors for sale

  There has been some talk latley on the subject of sync. motors, especially
for neon xformers.   I have a limited supply of small motors converted to
sync. operation at 3600 r.p.m. for those interested.  These would be perfect
for neon xformer T.C's.

Some specs are as follows....
GE part #5KPN49FG381S
1/25 h.p. (slightly less after modification)
3450 r.p.m. (converted to 3600 sync,)
ball bearings
115 volts -at- approx .55 amp, depending on load
psc type induction motor, run capacitor 6uf
total length including shaft, 5.25" dia, 3"
shaft 5/16" x 1" c.c.w. rotation
4-mounting bosses on front case for 6 x 32 screws
continuous duty, internal fan

I will also sell thes same motors unmodified for 3450 non-sync, usage.  These
motors will swing a small disk (6" or less dia.) with no problem at 3600
r.p.m. using a 5 uf run capacitor.   I came accross a small lot of these
motors at our local junk yard and all are surplus but function as new.  They
are modified at my place of work (too much free time), balanced, bearings
cleaned & repacked, bearing cases shot peened & repainted, good as new.
  For prices and avail, contact me at teslaman-at-aol-dot-com or teslaman-at-juno-dot-com

Kevin E