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GL wrote: 

>The issue of the ether, at least, had been put to rest long ago by the
>famous Michelson-Morley experiment, first performed in 1887 and in 
>every 2nd year college physics lab since then.  Therefore, theories of 
>electrical propagation based on the existence of an ether have nothing 
>in the way of scientific basis, and rest on rather shaky ground at 

The issue of the existance of ether has never been put to rest by the 
Michelson Morley Experiment.  The experiment, at best, gives null 
results.  The experiment is fundamentally flawed from the beginning 
because its design is incapable of detecting the ether.  An example is 
trying to detect a three demensional object with a detector that is 
only capable of two demensional detection.  Those who base their 
rejection of ether solely on the basis of the Michaelson Morley 
experiment are on shakey ground because the experiment is incapable of 
ether detection or rejection, a priori.  

Neither Michelson or Morley ever claimed that the existence of the 
ether was disproved by their experiments.  Even Eienstein through out 
his life never claimed the ether did not exist.  In fact, he supported 
the concept of ether to his death.

Dirac and other Nobel laureats based their theories on an ether.  
Quantum Mechanics is experimentally supported by an ether as well as 
Quantum Electrodynamics pioneered by Richard Feinman, another Nobel 
laureat.  So, there is indeed scientific basis of ether.  And, it's not 
based on every 2nd year college physics lab.  Nor, will orothodox 
physics admit it -- at least publically.  

Even if one is not entirely sure about the existence of ether, he or 
she should keep an open mind.  Tesla was a master theoretician as well 
as practitioner.  In fact, lest we forget, he invented this field that 
fascinates us.  He was very sure and insistant about this issue and I 
feel that the existance of ether should not be rejected out of hand on 
the basis of a flawed experiment, but rather explored deeply and 

This list would be shocked that some of the most expert and 
knowledgible coilers on the list believe in the existance of an 
"etheric medium".

This discussion of ether arose out of a quote by Nikola Tesla and is a 
side issue that is not particurally germaine to the issues at hand.  
Unless it's supported by experiment and data, such as longitudnal 
elecrical experiments, it's not appropriate to continue on the Tesla 

Keeping an open mind,