RE- Toroids...& "Thomas"

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        Fun - I guess I did miss that point. 

              Struggling with duct, tape, foil, glue, etc. just didn't
              seem like fun to me  =especially=  when it inevitably
              and unavoidably results in an inferior product.

              There are only so many days, hours, minutes, seconds in
              a lifetime and only a precious few can be spent coiling.

              Seems to me that my precious time on this earth is better
              spent doing and making and exploring things which cannot
              be bought at any price -- rather than crudely immitating
              readily-available commercial products.

              But - as most of you have likely concluded - I'm a
              rather strange fellow.

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        Weight -  The only commercial torouses, spheres, and spheroids
                  I've used were made of aluminum (the copper and
                  stainless steel ones seemed an extravagance).

                  I've never thought of them as weighty.  But then,
                  I've never compared them to the homemade variety.

                  Howsoforeverbethatasitmay -- some homemade designs
                  avocated in This List are based upon iron stovepipe
                  elbows.   Surely that, plus the foil, tape, etc.,
                  would outweigh a commercial spun aluminum torous
                  of like size.

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