Re: Sync vs. Non-sync, was: additional transformers [rotary gap]

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>> I am still a little fuzzy about the synch/non-synch rotary gaps. I 
>> understand the basics of the synch gap-but how is the non-synchronous 
>> gap advantageous? 
>> The confused, bewildered, and vexed
>  >>
>The main advantage of a non-sync gap is that the break-rate can be
>adjusted over a wide range simply by varying the motor speed.  By
>varying the break-rate, you vary the input power to the coil.  So the
>gap is more versatile.
>Sync-gaps are best used at a 120 BPS break-rate where they can
>provide smooth and repeatable resonant charging conditions
>compared with a non-sync gap.  Sync gaps can be used at higher
>break-rates...but offer little if any advantage.
>Sync-gaps are particularly useful for neon transformer powered systems
>in which steady firing conditions help to prevent transformer damage.
>John Freau
John, me again :)
  Does the synch-gap exactly replace the regular gap? I currently get 
the best results with my cap across my neons, then the gap in series 
with the pri coil goes across the cap. When you said above that the 
speed of the rotary changes the input power it sounds like it would have 
to be on the output of the xformer.

Slightly less confused,
Mad Coiler

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