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<<  helps! The snowcone job has the option of running from 240 or 110vac.
 > One interesting thing about the pulley on the snowcone motor is that it
 > is adjustible. You can use wider or narrower belts by loosening a set
 > screw and unscrewing half of it. This how I think I will mount the rotor
 > by removing half of the pulley, putting the center piece thru the center
 > hole, and remounting the other half. I also have some 1/4" black
 > plexiglas. I wonder if I laminated two pieces together would it be
 > strong enough? Any suggestions? Or should I use a stronger plastic? Help
 > from any of the listmembers that has built a rotory gap in the past will
 > be most appreciated!
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 >                                            Max

I definitely would not make a rotor for a rotary gap out of acrylic.  It will
come apart.  I am using 3/8" polycarbonate and it has held up so far.  Many
suggest using FR4 laminate.

Ed Sonderman