FW: How should we measure coil efficiency, was neon vs. potenti

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<< You would have to design your coil with sufficient adjustment for a wider
 than normal range. The optimum frequency may be the reason that the present
 musical toroid  game is being played.
   It should also be noted that you would only get more output if your input
 source was capable of providing more input. This means that the input
 wattage source should be matched to the possible optimum output. There are
 several optimizing conditions in the design of TCs that I believe are being
 presently ignored.
   John Couture

This means that an average coil like mine, 6" dia, resonant frequency around
110 khz (if I remember correctly), pole pig power supply, etc.  -  would have
a particular power input level that would produce the longest discharges.
 i.e.  set it up as normal, large toroid, primary tapped for best spark at
maybe 1 kw in plus about 1/2 turn, then gradually increase the power by
decreasing the ballast and there should be some power level, probably short
of maximum that would produce the longest sparks.  Is this what you are
saying??  Anyone recall seeing this in their experiments?

Ed Sonderman