pushing the photocopier tranny

        pushing the photocopier tranny
        Thu, 03 Apr 1997 16:01:06 -0600
        huffman <huffman-at-FNAL.GOV>
        Tesla List <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>

Hi Group,
I did some measurements on the 5000V 300mA photocopier transformers
The primary (1-2) is 0.41Ohms DC, 100mH, the secondary (6-7) is 284 Ohms
DC, 44H.
With 21Vrms in I get 500Vrms out so with 120Vrms in I should get
out. I don't have a meter that can measure that high! I have a question,
how large a value can I run on the primary? Is it just a matter of core
loses? I know I can run them at 132V without a problem. Does anyone know
how fast the core will saturate as the input is raised? I was thinking
removing some of the primary turns to regain output voltage lost by not
using the resonate circuit.
Any thoughts?
Dave Huffman