Re: glass laminate - Bah, Humbug...

           Re: glass laminate - Bah, Humbug...
           Wed, 02 Apr 1997 19:33:16 -0500
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Tesla List wrote:
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>         glass laminate - Bah, Humbug...
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>         Tue, 01 Apr 1997 20:43:53 -0500
>   From:
>         "Daryl P. Dacko" <mycrump-at-cris-dot-com>
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> I've about given up trying to find a supplier of glass laminate
> that will sell less than a 4'x8' sheet, or require a morgage on
> the house for a smaller piece. ;'{
> I'm thinking about trying a 'hot' rotor design, using a ten inch
> in diameter, one inch thick aluminum plate, mounted on bearings
> attached to some one inch thick lexan supports.
> I'm planning to use some thick walled rubber hose with a plastic
> rod in the center as an insulated flexable coupling.
> Does anyone have any experience with this type of design ?
> Does anyone know of suppliers for laminate that are fairly
> inexpensive ?
> Does anyone have a cure for "Tesla Fever" ?
> Daryl

Hi Daryl and all,

I just purchased 2 square feet of 1/2" G-10 and the price was $56 per
Sq. ft. It's expensive stuff, no doubt!! The place that I buy it from
will usually order what you need and they have locations all around the
country. If you are interested and I know aproximately where you live I
can give you the name and address of a location near you. They don't
like to cut it because you need a diamond saw. There is also a health
hazard involved from the glass fibers and epoxy binder. Private e-mail
would probably be best for that. 

If you properly insulate the aluminum disc from the motor, that route
should work fine also. I personally would build a hub from lexan or
delrin to insulate the rotor assembly. A little more work, but I think
it would be worth the effort.

There is no cure for Tesla fever when you have bad case of it. The only
way to ease the symptoms is to keep visiting hamfests and surplus
suppliers to accumulate more equipment and parts to squirrel away for
future relapses!


Ed Wingate