Re: Poly Cap Idea!!!

> All the laminated stuff I've seen doesn't completely exclude the air.
> But if it does, I reckon you've got a winner. Nice idea!! Wish I'd
> thought of it. I'd say definitely try it, but any air, no matter how
> little will eventually kill the cap. I'm keen to try it myself now.
> Malcolm

This device is air bubbleless. An air bubble would cause the client to 
reject the job and the service bureau would not only have to relaminate 
but they would have to reprint the original being laminated (often at 
100x more expense). This machine is somewhat new to my bureau (6-8mo.) 
and they purchased it specifically because of it's controlled 
application of materials.

Now... What size should I make the plates to get say... .05 to .1uf?  Is 
there a handy program/formula? TESLAC has a rolled poly calc but how 
thick is a mill in inches?... I'll video the construction for the group 
but I need some numbers help from the engineers...  :)


[ A mil is 0.001" -- one thousandth of an inch.  -- Chip ]