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>Hi all,
>        Replying to Dave Huffman in particular but also generally...
>> After becoming a list member a couple of months ago I have
>> started seeing resonators everywhere. As a result when I 
>> repaired my sink drain a week ago and had a piece of 
>> 1-1/2" dia plastic 5-1/2" long. Having some 28ga. wire laying 
>> around I decided to wind a miniature secondary to see what 
>> kind of spark I could make.
>> I know this is contrary to what I read here, but it's a learning 
>> experiance and easy and inexpensive to do 'what if stuff'.
>> The primary is 3/16" copper tube starting with a dia of 4"
>> and ending at 6-1/2" making about 5-1/2 turns. The cap is
>> a 20kv doorknob 650pf. Power is supplied by a 15kv 30ma
>> neon. I've topped the secondary with a brass door knob
>> 2-1/8". I have 5 spark gaps in the primary circuit.
>> Before I tell the results I would like to solicit comments from
>> the group as to expected performance. 
>Generally on the subject of primaries, my researches suggest that
>two things : a low inductance secondary will work best with a low 
>inductance primary (it appears that Lp needs to track Ls somewhat)
>and secondly, high power demands high Lp for best performance.
>     I reckon you should be able to achieve a couple of feet if
>clearances don't become a problem which may well happen with the
>secondary height you are using.

A couple of feet??

>How did I do? :)

I won't hesitate to say that that would be an impossibility with respect to
the specs.

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