Re: Capacitor problems

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>> > I visually checked the bypass caps (home made, rolled, not in oil) and
>> not see any burn marks, soot or damage.  I checked them with the ohmeter
>> they look ok.  I don't have any means to do a high voltage test on them.
>> I expect to get a call from Condenser Products today.  I will let you
>> Ed Sonderman
>Ed, all
>I have had a few such problems myself in the past, Ohmeters may be of 
>little use.  Capacitance meters also are of little value in this 
>scenario.  When it is a "puzzlement", you should isolate the the 
>components individually in a separate working circuit or system at full 
>working voltage!
>You can blow a 3" hole through three levels of a rolled cap in oil and it 
>will neve check shorted!  The capacitance will be totally unaffected, 
>too.  Only once the real working voltage (RF only) is placed on the unit, 
>will it fail.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR


If the testing by Condenser Products comes back as ok, I will set everything
up and carefully test all the components "under load".

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman