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>Unless you have 400Hz available, you are probably going to be 
>disappointed.  Others will correct me if I'm wrong, but the 400~ means 
>400Hz.  You are probably at 50Hz, and likely 220V as well.
>I believe that you will only be able to drive the thing with 
>50/400 * 115 (14.375 Volts) without releasing a little smoke.
>The voltage is a little low too.
But just think of the increase in breaks per second if WE went to
400hz power. I was just talking  with a Power Company friend of mine
yesterday about how cheep 400 Hertz equipment is.

Then we could go to 400 cycle (oops Hertz;)  3 phase and get virtually
CW output. On the down side, I not sure how my 10kVA pole pig would
react to 400 Hertz. And I don't even want to think about having to
move 3 of them, just to set up;(   Lets see, 7 pounds of TC and 700
pounds of pig;) And don't forget the 3 asynchronous rotary gaps to