Re: Resistance of Oven Element

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>I am in the process of building my new Tesla coil control unit to run a
>I need to know what the resistance of a typical oven element is, & how many
>can be typically put in parrallel with the choke (range of resistances).
>Also, how many KW should each of these be capable of dissipating?
>I am thinking of using another type of resistive load than oven elements
>I have at my disposal. I know that I could arrive at this info by
>experimenting in the future, but I would like to build the flexibility into
>this controll unit so that when the need arises I will not have to modify my
>control unit.
>Kevin M. Conkey


I use three 2,000 watt oven elements in parallel with my welder.  They should
be 8.33 ohms each for a total of 2.78 ohms in parallel with the welder.

The elements do get hot with 30 to 40 amps flowing in the primary circuit
(mostly through the welder) but they do not glow red.

Ed Sonderman